About Green Darner Consulting

Green Darner Consulting specializes in Classic Omeka, Omeka-s and Spotlight for Samvera (formerly Hydra) communities. I am expert at creating custom on-line exhibits for libraries, archives and cultural studies institutions based on existing digital collections.

Under projects on the menu, you can see some of the Omeka sites I have worked on at Indiana University over the past several years. Except for the Indiana Disablilty History Project site, these sites were done in relation to my work at the Indiana University Herman B. Welles Library, Bloomington, Indiana. 

In addition to the Omeka site development, I have developed several plugins for Omeka such as VideoStream (originally funded by an NEH grant) which allows the playback of video files from Adobe Media Streamer, a webserver's file system or Youtube. If needed it can playback Apple's HLS m3u8 format. With this plugin you can segment a longer video stream into smaller video segments, instead of having to do this external to Omeka. This plugin was used on the Indiana Disability History site to playback videos from Youtube. For the Globalization of the United States 1789 - 1861 site, I developed a Connected Carousel for images that allows you to have thumbnails of the images above the main display of the image to use for navigation. In addition, it links the image to Fancybox, a jQuery lightbox display, to overlay the page with a larger version of the image.

For many projects, I have had to create special exhibits using Exhibit Builder, modify how Omeka displays items and item metadata, create or modify themes for the current project and create or modify plugins as well.

Contact us at wgcowan@green-darner.com